Police Car

A vibrant, re-energized new economy! Enact a Post Covid emergency economic package to bring back small business/retail and economic sustainability to Toronto.

We need Torontonians to come back to town to settle and spend! Spend, stay and no more war on cars! Grab your $1000.00 check and spend in Town!

  1. A reprieve and immediate abatement of 1000 dollars per household on property taxes provided you spend the money on services or renos/household repairs in Toronto!

  2. Build Toronto's Manhattan to Revitalize the Economy.

  3. To turn Toronto into the world capital of metaverse, blockchain, crypto, and digital asset exchange.

Forget Provincial Nomination - we need City Nomination ASAP! - Toronto needs an Immigration allocation from the Feds and the Province!

Toronto needs to attract the best and the brightest to ensure our future! Toronto needs to manage and develop Immigration and nomination entrepreneurial programs.

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